Nimue Tips

Nimue Tips

The best way to apply an eye cream

The skin around the eye area is very delicate and it is essential to apply your eye cream correctly. Always apply gently with your ring finger on the upper and lower lid following the bone area of the eyes.

Apply excess product on the back of hands

After applying your serum and moisturiser to your face, apply any excess product left to the back of your hands for younger and more even toned skin. After all, your hands tend to give away your age.

Pairing Nimue’s professional treatments with homecare products improves skin health

Combining homecare products with professional treatments results in a 50% improvement in visible results. Professional treatments also enhance penetration of active ingredients in prescribed homecare products.

Nimue recommends gauze instead of cotton wool

Gauze effectively removes any traces of makeup and delicately assists in the natural exfoliation action of the skin, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. Cotton wool absorbs more product than gauze which leads to product wastage and is less hygienic than gauze.