Sheri Nel did just that on 30th November 2019. She put Nimue’s skincare and treatments to the test when she took on the Nimue 12 Week Challenge and the results speak for themselves.

Close to 40 hopeful brides-to-be entered Nimue’s #NoMakeUpBride campaign in August 2019, but only one stole Nimue’s heart. 38-year-old Load Controller from Gauteng, Sheri Nel, was determined to fix her skin concerns for good and give herself the ultimate wedding gift, flawless skin.

After Sheri had her son, the combination of sun damage and hormonal imbalances caused her skin tone to be uneven, breakout regularly and become dry in some areas. At times, when it was really bad, she would wear foundation, but would hate the feeling of covering up.

In fact 30 brides-to-be from all corners of South Africa entered our #NoMakeUpBride campaign and that is how we met Cleo Le Roux; a 27 year old, final year Medicine student from Johannesburg. Cleo was head over heels in love with her fiancé Stephen but desperately unhappy about her skin and the frequent break outs she was experiencing. The Nimue Team immediately warmed to Cleo and her positive and uplifting energy and so we selected her as our #NoMakeUpBride for 2017.

Sheri was partnered with the MedSkin salon and skincare therapist Su-Lette for her 12 week journey. On her first visit to MedSkin she had a skin analysis done to determine her skin classification and what products and treatments would be best suited to her specific concerns. Her skin was classified as Environmentally Damaged, which means Sheri had signs of premature ageing (pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and dehydration). Her 12 Week Challenge treatment program included 6 homecare products and 4 professional facial treatments.

Over the 12 weeks, Sheri had moments of doubt, especially in the first 4 weeks when she experienced worsening dryness and a few breakouts, but her skincare therapist guided her through these ‘transitional’ phases which are common when you change your skincare products and regime. “Su-Lette at MedSkin was like my fitness coach throughout a weight loss challenge, always encouraging me and ensuring I didn’t give up when it mattered the most”. From week 5, Sheri’s skin turned a corner and she started to see significant improvements in her skin tone and texture.

On 30 November 2019, Sheri confidently walked down the aisle foundation-free (not even wearing concealer, powder or blush). She looked absolutely radiant on her special day and proved that flawless skin is all the makeup you need.